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Fall/Winter 2023

Autumn in Montana 

Despite recent setbacks, markets have recovered during 2023 and remain well above last year’s bear market lows. The optimism pushing stocks higher seemed well-placed ... (read more)











Spring/Sumer 2023

Remain Calm in the Face of Uncertainty 

After a very rough 2022, financial markets have shown some resilience this year, despite a slew of issues facing the U.S. economy ... (read more)









Q4 2022

An Encouraging End to 2022

As 2022 comes to an end, many investors are breathing an audible sigh of relief after a chaotic year in the markets... (read more)









Q3 2022

Persistent Inflation

Positive momentum has stalled as we all look to the Fed for direction.  So where do markets… (read more)










Q2 2022

A Bear Market

It’s an understatement to say that financial markets have been difficult. In fact, after setting a new all-time high... (read more)








Q1 2022

A Volatile Start to the Year

Although stocks have regained most of their recent losses, it been quite a volatile start to the year for financial markets. With the pandemic seeming... (read more)









Q4 2021

Happy Holidays

Unlike last year, markets started 2021 strong and just kept climbing throughout most of the year. Since September we’ve seen... (read more)