Tailored advice for those seeking financial independence, wealth resilience, and a lasting legacy.

Trost Wealth Management believes our process should be shaped around the people we serve — we personalize our services, strategy, and support to align with your needs. Everything about you is unique, so your financial strategy should be too. That said, we have refined an approach that helps us get to know one another and ensure our offerings are in alignment with your goals.



How We Work

The Trost Wealth Management Team brings our clients personal support, sophisticated expertise, and exclusive access to a wide network of financial resources. The independent leadership structure of our firm offers unique advantages and flexibility to how we work. Above all, we value our clients as individuals, taking the time to earn trust and develop lasting relationships.




We work collaboratively to ensure our clients benefit from our diverse experiences, education, and expertise — by taking a true team approach, we can elevate the level of insights, attention to detail, and hands-on support we provide. 





What to Expect in Our First Meeting

We believe in getting to know you — beyond the details of your portfolio. What drives you? What lights you up? What keeps you up at night? What do you dream about experiencing or achieving? Are there tasks and responsibilities you want support with and things you’re proud of handling yourself? We ask questions — and we listen to you. We aim to get to know you as a person, not just as a client, so we can truly align your wealth management strategy and your life’s journey.

In this first meeting, we will also share who we are as a firm, how we approach our work, and what to expect in terms of the advice, execution, and ongoing support you’d receive from our team.



What to Expect in Our Second Meeting

Once we have mutually determined we are a good fit, we will meet again to gather insights that will help us create your personalized strategy. We will review the details, brainstorm goals, outline expectations, and ask more questions. With all the essential information in hand, we then go organize, systematize, and sort.

Afterward, we will come back to you with a plan and a to-do list of action items — covering today, tomorrow, and the coming years.

Beyond that, you can expect us to keep close tabs on the progress we make towards your goals, shifting our priorities and strategy as new events occur, targets are met, and your life plans progress. Financial success and lasting legacy look different for each of us — whether passing on generational land or a family business, or setting aside funds for your grandchildren to attend college debt-free. Our greatest reward is helping you explore, clarify, and achieve the financial goals that enable you to experience the life you deserve.